AGT and ATT Constant Voltage Transformers

AGT Single phase from 100VA-15KVA / ATT Three phase from 1.35KVA-45KVA

AGT Constant Voltage Transformers (CVTs) are ideal maintenance free solutions for loads that can suffer erratic operation or be damaged by electrical noise. Providing protection against Common and Series mode noise, local transients, mains power sags, surges, and brownouts.

Constant Voltage Transformers are the best and most reliable Power Conditioners for applications ranging from process control and automation to remote sites and third world applications.

While larger three phase units are available it should be noted that DELTA loads are not suitable for use with three phase CVT's. Effectively the units are star output and work at the distribution level for large single phase loads

  • Constant Voltage Transformer ( CVT)
  • Galvanic isolation
  • High common and normal mode noise attention
  • Sags, surge and brownout protection
  • Sinewave output (generated by the CVT)
  • Low heat output and running costs - maintenance free
  • High Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Easy to install
  • All common voltages from 12-600Vac, higher voltages available in some designs
  • Standard enclosures are IP20/21 enclosures are available up to IP66
  • OEM style unenclosed versions
  • Standard stabilisation limits are 3%, special designs can achieve 0.5%
  • Units can be fitted with smoothed rectified outputs to give a constant DC voltage level
  • 50 or 60Hz or both with adjusting taps
  • Three phase variants suitable for star loads