Transient protection Zone C

Whether generated onsite by electrically noisy hardware or externally by lightning strikes, transient energy can be financially devastating. Data processing errors, manufacturing faults, and hardware damage can all lead to costly downtime.

Several different formats are available for Zone C, all having a nominal 200kA protection rating.

  • Superior clamping levels and response times
  • Higher energy dissipation and lower let through
  • Superior reliability and redundancy levels
  • SAD, MOV or combined technologies
  • Diagnostics Front panel LEDs optional remote alarms
  • Thermal and Overload protection
  • Upto 100A series or unlimited parallel
  • Power consumption negligible
  • Automatic Reset
  • Design to EN 61000-4, EN 60950, EN 60335-1, EN 50081-1 and EN 50081-2
  • Exceeds UL 1449
  • Enclosures IP55 plastic casing
  • Neutral Ground options available

Din Rail module

TDC DIN Rail mount unit

For OEM applications and into existing distribution this DIN rail mount format fits into a standard 4 MCB slot.


TDCE single and three phase enclosed