Health and Safety Policy

Advance aims to exceed your expectations. Our highly trained Projects Team are fully up to date with the latest Health and Safety requirements.

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994
Electricity at Work 1989

REACH Declaration

Environmental Policy

Green Dragon Standard

In order to achieve our aim of protecting the environment and satisfying the environmental concerns of our key stakeholders (including customers, suppliers and those relevant industry and government bodies) we shall conform to the following principles:

  • Achieve continual environmental improvement by continuously improving the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of our operations in our quest for'lean' processes, efficient raw materials and energy usage, and waste reduction.
  • Prevent pollution from our storage and handling of materials and waste and our process activities and operations.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and industry codes of practice.
  • Include an environmental dimension in our research and development activities to cover the life cycle management of products, including the safe disposal of consumable items such as batteries and capacitors and even of a complete system at the end of its life.
  • Promote concern for the environment through out our supply chain.
  • Develop the environmental management of site tenants.
  • Learn from the environmental policies management systems and audits of its key stakeholders and those other organisations identified as'best in class'
  • Develop an awareness and understanding of how each member of the organisation can contribute towards the corporate goal.
  • Include a'local community' perspective in the development of processes and practices, particularly development of the aesthetic value of the site.
  • Develop an environmental management system and audit process which ensures that the company achieves its corporate goal.