UPS Range


Sentinel Power Uninterruptible Power Supply

An UPS for the power protection of large file servers, voice and data networks, communications cabinets and large telephone switches.

The Sentinel Power UPS range is the ideal solution for computer and telecoms users wanting a flexible multiple operating format power system with advanced communications features.

Single and Three Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply Installation

  • SPW 5-6kVA single/single phase
  • SPT 6.5-10kVA single/single phase or three/single phase

Note the simple installation: the UPS can be connected both to single-phase and three-phase mains supplies.

Uninterruptible Power Supply - on-line power protection

The Sentinel Power UPS uses double conversion on-line technology (VFI) and has several other operating mode options.

In on-line mode the load is powered continuously by the inverter to remove sags, surges and brownouts, through EMI filters to suppress transients, spikes and electrical noise. Even on bypass the load is routed through the filters so that the load is not connected to raw mains.

When the mains fails, the inverter which is constantly powering the load simply draws power from the internal battery to provide complete protection.

UPS Operating Modes

As well as the its on-line operating mode, Sentinel Power can operate in:

  • Economy: uses Line Interactive (VI) technology to power less critical loads from the mains supply for certain periods. The function can be set from the front panel keypad or remotely using software
  • Smart Active: if the mains supply is out of range, the UPS will power the load from the inverter as an On-line UPS. When the mains supply returns to within range again, the UPS will monitor this for a certain period before selectingLine Interactive operation
  • Standby/Off: for security applications like emergency lighting where the UPS is switched on but the loads are powered through the bypass supply. When the mains fails or falls outside a preset range the inverter automatically powers the load. This operation is similar to that of a standby uninterruptible power supply
  • Frequency conversion: 50 or 60Hz

Extended Runtimes

As the inverter is rated for continuous operation this type of uninterruptible power supply can be used to support large loads for long runtimes up to and over 7 hours or more in duration. This can be achieved using battery extension packs that connect in series to the rear panel connector on the UPS and/or a generator. When battery extension packs are used these may have their own mains powered chargers to maintain a reasonable recharge time of the complete battery set. For larger loads consider the Multi Sentry.

Whatever the runtime installed there should be sufficient time for the protected computer systems to be shutdown in an orderly manner using the PowerShield software, supplied as standard, for all major operating systems. Additional remote monitoring can be achieved using PowerNetGuard on Wide Area Networks or the telenetguard remote service monitoring system with text alerts for site problems, and the wide range of NetMan SNMP interfaces and MultiCom adapters available.

Advanced Communication

Advanced, multi-platform communication for all operating systems and network environments: PowerShield UPS monitoring and control software included, with SNMP agent, for all major operating systems.

  • the UPS is supplied with a communications cable for'Plug and Play' PC connection
  • RS232 serial port (double serial port optional)
  • network adapter slot for SNMP agent
  • rear panel IEC socket for supplying local loads
  • EPO (Emergency Power Off) contact for remote UPS shut-down


  • reliable, filtered, stabilised and regulated sinewave output (double conversion on-line technology VFI according to EN50091-3 specifications) with filters for atmospheric disturbance suppression
  • high reliability: full microprocessor control with no-break static and manual by-pass
  • high level diagnostics: states, measurements and alarms - available from the built-in LCD
  • power factor correction with sinusoidal input to ensure a low impact on the mains supply (UPS input power factor, close to 1) for the single-phase/single-phase series
  • very low noise level <40dB(A)
  • low power consumption ('Economy Mode', Smart Active Mode, and Standby/Off Mode to increase efficiency up to 98%)
  • simple to install: o capability to connect the UPS both to single-phase and three-phase mains supplies (PWP 650-800-1000 models o output terminal block + 2 IEC outlets for powering local equipment (computers, modems and notebooks) o easy to position (integrated castors)
  • built-in automatic and manual battery test feature
  • auto restart on mains return (programmable - software or from the front panel)
  • back feed protection as standard: to avoid energy feeding back into the mains supply
  • integrated automatic and manual by-pass


An Uninterruptible Power Supply using on-line technology to provide power protection from: Sags , Surges , Transients and Spikes , Electrical noise , Brownout , Black outs and long duration mains failure , with options including: extended battery runtime autonomy, remote monitoring and shutdown software including SNMP.

Front panel display
Rear view