Transient protection Zone B

Several different formats are available for Zone B, all having a nominal 30kA protection rating.

Plug in Hot Swap modules and base - TSB and TSBE

For demanding applications where hot swappable replacement is a must. The TSB allows a mix and match approach and easy maintenance and replacements.

Protection built into Hardwired base - TBB and TBBE

For the best possible combination of performance and low cost. The TBB uses proven technology for price sensitive applications.

TSB Plugin modules with Base

  • SAD, MOV or combined technologies
  • Diagnostics Front panel LEDs optional remote alarms
  • Thermal and Overload protection
  • Power consumption negligible
  • Automatic Reset
  • Design to EN 61000-4, EN 60950, EN 60335-1, EN 50081-1 and EN 50081-2
  • Exceeds UL 1449
  • Enclosures IP55 plastic casing
  • Neutral Ground options available


three-phase for OEM installations