Maintenance Bypass Switches Wall and Rackmount


Maintenance bypass switches are designed to allow a UPS or other equipment to be maintained safely without disruption to the load(s). Wraparound single operation switches offer a user friendly approach.

The WBS maintenance bypass features a three position lockable make-before-break transfer switch. When in the normal position, the load is powered directly from the UPS, as usual. When the transfer switch is placed in the second position, the raw mains supply is used to power the load, at the same time as the UPS is connected to the mains supply. The advantage of this particular configuration is that it allows the UPS to be safely tested, without causing damage to the load, or potential disruption to the power supply.

When the transfer switch is placed in the third bypass position, the load is connected to the mains supply. The make-before-break capability means that the load is connected to the selected power source before the alternative source is disconnected, and vice versa. In practice, this eliminates any interruptions to the power supply, no matter how brief.

Advance Electronics recommends the addition of a transient voltage suppressor system ( TVSS) from its StrikeSafe range. The TVSS modules can be installed either within the WBS bypass itself, or before the bypass, as a separate transient protection unit.

  • Plug and play or hardwired solutions
  • 19' rackmount or wallmount configurations
  • 'Make before break' Switch to ensure load is uninterrupted

WBS wall mount bypass upto 160KVA

Wall or rackmount Plug and Play bypass

Large 3 phase bypasses available

With or without breakers

Specials on request

Large 3 phase bypasses available